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As sports begin to ramp back up, NCFC Youth is in full swing, but things look a little different this season.  NCFC Youth, which is the largest youth to professional soccer club in the nation, has gone above and beyond to protect their players and staff during the pandemic, but how does that affect their commitment to keeping players injury-free?  It doesn't.  NCFC Youth leaned on the advice of Wake Orthopaedics' sports medicine physician, Dr. Mark Wood, who is honored to serve as the Team Physician and COVID-19 Task Force Medical Director for NCFC Youth.  Dr. Wood stressed the continued dedication to injury prevention, during the current climate.  Whether an athlete is coming back from a prolonged period of rest, or maintaining their current activity level, it is extremely important to safeguard against potential injuries.  Learn more about Wake Orthopaedics' Sports Injury Prevention Program and schedule your free injury prevention assessment with one of our Sportsmetric certified PTs.