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Expert Orthopedic Care Inside the Beltline

Injured your knee during a fall? Recovering from orthopedic surgery or a fracture? At Wake Orthopaedics on Oberlin Road in Raleigh, we offer orthopedic treatment for a wide variety of conditions and injuries.

Our team of orthopedic doctors have years of experience in the field with specialties in many types of orthopedic care. We provide orthopedic services to assist patients of all ages in regaining their quality of life and mobility. To experience our Oberlin Road orthopedic services for yourself, simply request an appointment by filling out the form to the right. You can also call our office at the number above to schedule an appointment by phone.

Visit Our Orthopedic Office on Oberlin Road

Our orthopedic office is located on Oberlin Road in Downtown Raleigh, adjacent to the Village District and is open during normal business hours.

Come visit our Oberlin Road orthopedics office, meet our specialists and find progressive treatment for your orthopedic needs.