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Wake Orthopaedics: Arthritis Treatment Across Raleigh, NC

Although arthritis is a common condition, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept just living with it. At Wake Orthopaedics, we are dedicated to improving our patients’ lives with orthopedic care that is compassionate and effective. Whether you have arthritis in your hands or elsewhere in your body, we can form a treatment plan to lessen your pain and increase your mobility.

We have a team of orthopedic specialists in knee, hiphand and wrist, foot and ankle, shoulder and elbow and many other areas to serve you with exceptional care. Find arthritis treatment in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, North Raleigh & Raleigh, NC that you can trust to make a difference at Wake Orthopaedics.

Treating Common Arthritis Symptoms in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, Raleigh & Beyond

The pain that comes from arthritis can often be debilitating and frustrating, keeping you from doing the things that you want to do. Some of the common symptoms of arthritis can include:

  • Joint swelling or tenderness
  • Warmth around joint
  • Join inflammation
  • Joint/hip pain
  • Stiffness
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Fatigue

At Wake Orthopaedics, we can help you find freedom from your arthritis symptoms. Our treatment for arthritis often includes a combination of medications, exercise and physical therapy. If your condition is more serious, we may suggest surgery to help your body heal.

Our arthritis experts are not only skilled in progressive orthopedic care, but they’re passionate about providing the best patient experience to everyone who comes to our office.

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At Wake Orthopaedics, we’ve been treating arthritis and many other orthopedic needs for more than a decade at our offices in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, North Raleigh, Oberlin, Raleigh, NC.