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Shoulder Pain Relief at Wake Orthopaedics

Whether you’ve been hurt in an accident or you’ve had a sports injury, our specialists at Wake Orthopaedics can help you get back on your feet. At our six orthopedics offices, we utilize state-of-the-art technology and the newest techniques in order to provide progressive treatment for a range of orthopedic needs, including shoulder pain treatment in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, North Raleigh and Raleigh, NC.

Let us find the cause of your shoulder pain and help you make way for shoulder pain relief and regained mobility.

Treating Shoulder Pain in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, North Raleigh & Raleigh

At Wake Orthopaedics, we care about treating you and your symptoms –– that’s why our care is focused on your needs. If you come in with a shoulder injury or shoulder pain, we have the tools and expertise to offer long-lasting care.

Some typical shoulder pain symptoms that we see in our patients include:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Numbness
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Clicking or catching
  • Tenderness around the joint
  • Grinding
  • Swelling

The causes of shoulder pain can vary greatly from a broken arm, bursitis, a dislocated shoulder, cartilage injury, osteoarthritis and tendinitis to a heart attack.

Get the best shoulder pain treatment for your specific condition by coming in to Wake Orthopaedics. Our team of board certified shoulder specialists have years of experience in the field to easily diagnose your shoulder problems and come up with a treatment plan to help you find relief. Even if you require shoulder surgery, you’ll be in the best place to receive minimally invasive surgery in the area.

Experience Compassionate Care at Wake Orthopaedics Across Raleigh

At Wake Orthopaedics, our physicians and surgeons are not only medical experts, but they’re members of your community. As such, they strive to offer the highest level of compassionate care in the area. Come by and experience our treatment for shoulder pain, lower back pain and many other ailments. Simply fill out the form to the right to request an appointment to ask any questions you may have.

Wake Orthopaedics provides compassionate and comprehensive orthopedic care, including shoulder injury and shoulder pain treatment, at our offices in Apex, Brier Creek, Cary, Garner, North Raleigh, Oberlin, Raleigh, NC.